Reliable power in healthcare applications can literally mean life or death. Our Tripp Lite Medical-Grade UPS Systems with lithium-ion batteries offers several advantages over traditional sealed lead-acid batteries. Talk to us now.







Uptimes Systems is Australia’s leading supplier of UPS Power Protection and IT Technology products and services. UPS solutions provide uninterruptible power supply to prevent power shortages. Our team can provide you with quality UPS batteries which you can be used to protect and provide battery backup to all your peripheral devices and electronics. We offer the widest range of iPad charging station for tablet pcs. Our range of power conditioners will improve the quality of power delivered to your computer. Our UPS power supply will prevent downtime that could affect your business significantly. You will also benefit from services like data centre monitoring management & UPS Maintenance Services that protects your assets.

UPS power will help your business remain functional even in the worst conditions, placing you ahead of your competitors. Uptime Systems are your reliable uninterruptible power supply service and maintenance providers. If you are looking for a quality UPS system, we have been in the industry for 21 years and guarantee that we are at the forefront of the industry. Our team are at the forefront of server racks Australia to offer you the widest range to suit all applications from edge to server room and beyond. We will help you select the right product and customise racks to meet your requirements. You can also call us for server room portable and in row cooling and medical grade battery backup solutions that are tailor made for healthcare. Our years of experience have enabled us to become one of Australia’s trusted power cable Australia suppliers and installers. We offer quality and reliable products and services, from Ups units to server racks. We operate Australia-wide, so you can count on us to help you keep your business running. 


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