Medical Grade Battery Backup

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If you’re looking for experts at medical grade battery backup systems, shop at Uptime Systems. Our mission is to provide business continuity to healthcare facilities in the country. We are not just suppliers. We also install and maintain units.

With our dedication to providing turnkey product supply and solutions, our customers and business partners trust us. We are the experts in delivering medical grade battery backup systems specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare environments.

Queensland facilities are overhauling and upgrading their systems to lithium on all their sites. We work with businesses in Queensland and Victoria by delivering product solutions through our partners.

Working with us means that you’ll receive the best customer service. We have been a reliable long-term business partner providing peace of mind through our high-quality power protection products and services. With our team’s experience in the industry, we can match the products and solutions to your exact needs.

Medical Grade Battery Backup

The Importance of Medical Grade Battery Backup

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need medical grade battery backup and other reliable equipment to make sure that there is a power supply even during interruptions. When there’s a total power outage, electrical power is necessary. When your facility has a reliable UPS, all the operations can continue without compromise.

Even with continuous technological innovations, power sags and surges continue to damage important equipment and stop the devices required for medical procedures. Since healthcare facilities have been dependent on electronics, the demand for medical grade battery backup and other power protection solutions has been increasing.

Such systems are especially crucial to medical environments that operate out of the facility or buildings with obsolete electrical infrastructure. These are the areas that experience more power failures, voltage drops, and spikes. With such electrical issues, all vital medical equipment can be damaged, which can adversely affect patient safety.

Get Medical Grade Battery Backup Supplies and Services Only From the Best Solutions Provider

Uptime Systems covers every aspect of medical grade battery backup solutions. Talk to us for advice and our expert team will supply and install the entire system. To keep it up and running, we also provide preventative maintenance to various healthcare facilities.

Our goal is to keep your medical grade battery backup up and running even through sporadic power outages. We also provide our products and services at competitive prices. With such offers, you will truly get value for money. As professionals with years of experience in the industry, we will help you to stop worrying about data loss from power outages.

See our simple process below:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

“Uptime Systems is your one-stop-shop if you are looking to purchase, upgrade or repair your UPS. They also stock and supply other electrical goods to help anyone in need for protecting all your electrical devices/goods”.
– Combat Killer


Call Uptime Systems for advice on how to protect your facility from power outages with our medical grade battery backup.


  • Sales Consultation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


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