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With many years of experience in the technical industry, we have been the go-to installer of power cables in Australia. At Uptime Systems, we take pride in offering only premium products to our clients. Whether you’re looking for UPS units, batteries, server racks or other critical components, we can provide the products and services for you. Servicing Australia wide, you can count on us to protect your power through value-added service using turnkey strategies.

Our team is highly responsive, helpful and knowledgeable when approached about any enquiry that you may have. We are committed to helping you in the quickest way possible. That’s why we offer detailed quotations right after you consult with us or within 24 hours. By doing so, we can assure you get the transparency and peace of mind you deserve. Proudly upholding our highest standard of service, we ensure to deliver service that will last for a long time.

Power Cables Australia

What Are Power Cables in Australia?

Power cables are electrical wires that are used in many businesses and households in Australia. They are composed of multiple conductors wrapped together in a sheath that carry electrical power throughout a system. They can also be installed as permanent wiring within establishments, underground, exposed or run overhead. Power cables are used in all objects that require power or lighting. They are used to connect an electronic unit to switches, sockets and are vital components when building an electrical system in any infrastructure.

Technical units such as computers require ethernet cables to gain internet access. Nobody wants to experience an interrupted internet connection, so it’s essential to use a premium cable. Our team at Uptime Systems ensures that our customers receive only the best product for their needs. For this reason, we have been the top choice for many customers in providing reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

How to Find the Right Power Cable in Australia?

Finding the right power cables in Australia primarily depends on the company and brand you’re vying to purchase from. So, to guarantee you’re getting the best option, here are some of the things you can consider when purchasing power cables:

  1. Service and After-Sales Support
    Observe how responsive and helpful your prospective company is. This way, you can anticipate the level of after-sales support such as repair and maintenance, should you need it in the future. You can also ask your friends or visit the company’s website to understand their experience as customers.
  2. Brand
    At Uptime Systems, we only use and offer cutting edge products to ensure their long life span and value for money. Our power cables are from Tripp Lite, which is a renowned brand in the industry.
  3. Knowledge
    Their knowledge should also be unmatched to ensure you’re getting the best advice and solution for you.


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