CyberPower Systems Extended Battery Pack to Suit OLS1000E/OLS1500E Tower UPS

$431.82 Inc GST

The CyberPower’ UPS Power Supply – BPSE36V45A Battery Pack significantly extends runtime during power outages for Smart App Online S 1000/1500E and 1000/1500EXL models.

The BPSE36V45A external battery pack houses six (6) 12V 7Ah batteries, connected serially in two (2) strings of three (3) batteries. It is designed to match the appearance of the Smart App Online S models. A battery data link transmits the unit's diagnostic vitals to the UPS display for real-time monitoring; the heavy gauge power cord, adapted with plug-n-play DC connectors, permits the battery pack to be easily "hot-swapped", ensuring continuous operation of critical systems during normal UPS maintenance. Rugged, industrial-grade metal construction - meeting the same standards as the UPS models - allows for installation in demanding environments.

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