CyberPower Systems Extended Battery Pack to Suit OL1000ERTXL2U & OL1500ERTXl2U UPS 2RU

$755.45 Inc GST

The CyberPower BP36V60ART2U rack/tower convertible Extended Battery Module (EBM), which extends battery runtimes during power outages, is designed for Smart App Online UPS systems OL1000RTXL2U and OL1500RTXL2U. This EBM takes 2U of rack space and can be installed in a rack or tower configuration to match the UPS form factor. It also has a built-in battery charger, providing Fast Charge Technology to quickly restore the backup power supply to full capacity.

Up to ten EBMs can be added to the UPS, and the module’s DC plug-and-play power connectors allow for daisy-chaining additional EBMs to a UPS system. The BP36V60ART2U typically has a UPS charging time of five hours, regardless of whether one or ten EBMS are installed, and comes with a three-year warranty.

The CyberPower’s BPE36V60ART2U Battery Pack significantly extends runtime during power outages for Smart App Online 1K/1.5K RT models.

The BPE36V60ART2U external battery pack houses six (6) 12V 9Ah batteries, connected serially in two (2) strings of three (3) batteries. It is designed to match the appearance of the Smart App Online CyberPower UPS RT models and can be similarly mounted in 2U rack or tower configurations.

A battery data link transmits the unit's diagnostic vitals to the UPS display for real-time monitoring; the heavy gauge power cord, adapted with plug-n-play DC connectors, permits the battery pack to be easily "hot-swapped", ensuring continuous operation of critical systems during normal UPS maintenance.

Rugged, industrial-grade metal construction - meeting the same standards as the UPS models - allows for installation in demanding environments.

Up to 10 battery packs can be daisy-chained to the UPS for extended runtimes.

Voltage 36V
Amperage 60A
Battery Type Sealed Lead-Acid
Battery Size 12V/9Ah
Hot-Swappable Yes
Battery Quantity 6
User Replaceable Yes
Replacement Battery (1) RB1290X3R & (1) RB1290X3L
Typical Recharge Time 4 hours
Built-in Charger Yes
Expansion Ready (Daisy-Chain) Yes
Rack Size 2U
Enclosure Contruction Steel
Mounting Hardware Included
Dimensions – W×H×D (in) 17 × 3.5 × 16.9 inches
Dimensions – W×H×D (mm) 550 × 240 × 590 mm
Weight (lbs) 50.6 lbs
Weight (kg) 22.9 kg
Shipping Dimensions – W×H×D (in) 21.65 × 9.45 × 23.23 inches
Shipping Weight (lbs) 65.34 lbs
Shipping Weight (kg) 29.6 kg
Operating Temperature 32 – 104 °F (0 – 40 °C)
Operating Humidity 0 – 90% (non-condensing)
Operating Elevation 0 – 10,000 ft (0 – 3,000 m)
Storage Temperature 5 – 113 °F (-15 – 45 °C)
Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Elevation 0 – 50,000 ft (0 – 15,000 m)
Safety UL1778
CSA C22.2 NO.107.3-05
Environmental RoHS Compliant
Product Warranty 3 Years Limited

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