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Uptime Systems has been providing UPS power supply expert services for several years now. We guarantee that we will finish your job with a thorough quality check. To ensure our customers get the best solution they need, we complete each job on time and within your carefully thought out budget.

Unlike other companies, we don’t take too long to provide a quote, supplying it within 24 hours. We have been the top choice for many PC owners, which we credit to our end to end punctual service, the excellent customer experience that we offer, in addition to our extensive knowledge. Our sales team is dedicated to understanding your requirements and will happily provide you with a consultation. Furthermore, we offer clients a total turnkey solution that allowed us to be gain the winning reputation we have today.

UPS Power Supply

What is a UPS Power Supply?

A UPS power supply acts as a secondary source of power, mainly for computers. It is an on-demand, instant battery backup that effectively protects data-based tech applications, computers, networks and more. UPS is designed to provide enough time for computers to shut down so they won’t be damaged during an electric fluctuation and blackout. It also provides an additional level of safety and peace of mind for both data and hardware.

For its effectiveness, UPS power supply units have a continuing widespread use on a global scale. Being a major provider for such products in the country, we are renowned for providing the highest quality of products and services. Combined with our in-depth knowledge and experience, we will offer you a price match guarantee. From consultation, design, installation and maintenance, our team of service technicians can provide services Australia-wide.

What is the Right UPS Power Supply Solution for Me?

Choosing the right UPS power supply is difficult, especially when there are few options available in the market. These options are Online UPS, Offline UPS and Line Interactive UPS. While all of these provide data and hardware protection, each of these systems has varying safety features. This is why knowing the difference between each is important before making a decision. Luckily, you can consult our pre-sales team to have a better insight into the options available to you.

We aim to provide the best solution for you. So, our team will ask you questions such as;

  • What common electrical problems do you experience?
  • How many devices do you plan to use with the UPS power supply?
  • How long do you need to keep your computer running?

This way, we can assess the amount of circuit protection you require, the level of UPS power you need and eventually, find the right product for you.

Don’t let power anomalies destroy your computers and data, purchase a UPS power supply by contacting our Uptime Systems team today!


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