Why should you service your UPS?

A UPS System is a piece of equipment which most people fit and forget but it is also an important investment you can make when you purchase a computer systems or an electrical equipment. Unfortunately mother nature has its moment and its a fact of life. If your UPS Systems is not serviced regularly and looked after then your equipment is vulnerable. Servicing your UPS regularly ensures that the system is running in optimum order to best perform its primary functions of battery backup and voltage regulation protection for your connected devices.

How can we look after your equipment?

  1. We will come and visit your premises.
  2. We will give your UPS thorough check over.
  3.  Most importantly of all, we will check your batteries, they are the heart of the UPS System, beating away to make sure your systems are receiving the power that they need. We also offer Maintenance solutions if needed.

We have a Pro active remote monitoring system, which is constantly dialling into your UPS System to find out what it is doing, the amount of power its drawing, and the state of the batteries. We can come and provide a free site audit of your existing equipment and provide solutions. Talk to to us today to arrange the free site audit. Call us on 1300 846 021 or email us at sales@uptimes.com.au.