CyberPower Systems SNMP Network Card To Suit All PRO & Online Series UPS

$271.82 Inc GST

The CyberPower Network Management Card allows for remote monitoring and control of a CyberPower UPS attached to a network. After installing the hardware and configuring an IP address, the user can access, monitor, and control the UPS from anywhere in the world! Simply use a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to access your UPS. Servers and workstations can be protected by the UPS utilizing the PowerPanel Business Edition Client version to gracefully shutdown when signaled by the Network Management Card.

Features & Benefits:

  • Real time UPS monitoring
  • Remote management and configuration of UPS via Web Browser or NMS
  • Auto-shutdown to protect servers/workstations from data lose due to power failure
  • Schedule shutdown/start-up/reboot of the UPS via remote control
  • Event logging to track UPS operational history
  • Data logging for analyzing power conditions
  • Event notification via email ?SMS and SNMP traps
  • Support TCP/IP, UDP, SNMPv1/HTTP, TELNET, NTP, DNS, SMTP protocols .(HW1.0 above)
    Support IPv6 , HTTPs, SNMPv3, SSH protocols. (HW2.0 above)
  • SNMP MIB provided
  • Quick installation and user friendly interface
  • User upgradeable firmware via FTP
  • Security management provided
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Compatible
  • Optional ENVIROSENSOR can be added to Monitor Temperature and Humidity Information


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